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my history

Creating, a walk thru life.

Often, as we travel through life we are challenged to go an extra step. As my children grew I realized they would someday be on their own and that I needed to create a world where I could continue to travel while their lives went down a different lane. I returned to college and to growing in my creativity. I learned to communicate not only with others but with the inner being within me. I learned this being need to be free to grow and to always be challenged. In the 60's I learned to abstract from what my eyes saw to what my mind's eye interpreted. In the 70's I grasped many of the realities of life, while in the 80's I dealt with those realities and grew. In the 90's I have arrived at a crossroad and have made choices which would have been impossible at any other time, hoping that in the new millenium I will arrive where God has shown me the way to go.

Great-Great grandma's quilt.
My grandmother started this quilt between 1905 and 1910.

About me & My Quilts

Many, (many?) years ago my grandmother took me to my first 'quilting' in the church basement. I don't think I was much more than 6 or 7 at the time but all the same I was hooked(sewn). As achild I learned todo anything I could with a needle and then discovered drawing. My grandmothers were two of the most influential and wonderful people in my development of my skills and so I suppose would have to be considered in any creative endeavor I attempt (including these pages). I hope you will enjoy your travels through my journey's as an artist and will share with me your thoughts.

Angela's first quilt top.
Angela is my 7 year old granddaughter and this was her first top she made by herself.

What better way to share than the very
traditional with the future.

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