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J. Marie Arts & Quilts

Statement Quilts

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Sending a message with my work has become almost an obsecession with me even in the simplest of my pieces. 

size 24
Miriam's Song

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Miriam's Song is about the joyful noise I hear in God's love for us all.

Endangered Life II
size approximately 80

When world events occur I am often in the middle of a piece and the event will have an effect on my work as happened with my Endangered life series.  If you look closely you will find sillouettes of human faces in the middle and along the borders which were added after 9/11 happened.
Life as we know it is precious,
pleasetake care of it.

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Walk a Mile in My Feet, Work an Hour with My Hands
Was made for and traveled with the venue Roots of Racism: Ignorance and Fear
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